CSA Tutoring

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Video Transcript:

Sam Rohlander:
I really think that students are coming in here and we have tutors who are very knowledgeable about subject areas. They are definitely here and they are very welcoming when students come in and they feel they can relate. These students have been in the same place, the same professors, and understand the material better. They help where they are having difficulties or wherever they are struggling.

The best part is coming in and getting to know the person that’s helping you and having all your specific questions answered.

Mike Kolankowski:
I hear people get a lot of positive from it. So I would suggest definitely coming in to use it.

Sam Rohlander:
CSA in general is a warm welcome place to definitely come in for tutoring and there’s always someone to greet you and point you in the right direction. Our tutors are always very knowledgeable about the subject area and they have been in your place before. They are definitely willing to help the best they can and do whatever they can to get you to the next step and get you to be successful in that class.

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