Supplemental Instruction (SI)

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Video Transcript:

Kyle Reddick: SI, the model, I think it’s more like a peer session so you can feel a little bit more comfortable. You don’t have to be intimidated by going to the professor’s office hours. You also have the ability to ask questions and work with a group. It’s kind of like built in study session right into the class.

Tony Groves: It just makes it a whole different learning experience than hearing it from a professor or in a classroom where your trying to jot the notes down and then you have the next class to go to. This is afterwards where you can think about stuff. You got other people talking, you get to talk to other people.

Laura Schutt: In order to keep up with the work and make sure I was understanding the concepts before everything started to pile up on eachother and I couldn’t understand the basics of it.

Tracy Morey: I failed my first chemistry exam and I realized I really needed to get on the ball so I asked the professor about the SI because I remember Kyle saying something about it. So I’ve been coming ever since.

Michael Highducheck: Especially with someone who is on your same level really makes me feel at home like I can learn better, instead of just the teacher.

Cat Depperschmidt: I know the SI leader so I felt like I could ask him questions about anything. So I could go to him and ask him questions about something that we had already talked about but I didn’t get it. So that was really what got me in SI initially.

Tony Groves: Without SI I definitely wouldn’t be passing this class right now.

Tracy Morey: I was failing at first and now I have a good B and if it wasn’t for SI I would still be failing.

Michael Highducheck: SI is amazing. It has help me completely changed my perception and get A’s.

Laura Schutt: I find SI to be very helpful. I get to have a lot of extra practice. He points out things that the teacher didn’t point out in class and I’m able to understand it better and it makes it easier to do.

Michael Highducheck: Students should not be wary of it, it is not like tutoring. It’s a lot more than that.

Laura Shcutt: I find it very beneficial for students to take SI. It gives them more practice if their struggling. It gives them extra help and it’s not that much time out of your daily schedule to come and ask questions and not feel obligated that other students are being held back because you keep asking questions.

Tyler Wilkinson: I think SI is a great program that helps students improve their grades and its fun. It’s not like your sitting down doing work. You are working together, your interacting with people. It’s a great program. GO SI!

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