Center for Student Achievement - Overview

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Video Transcript:

The Center for Student Achievement at Salisbury University is a fun, friendly environment where students can come to maxmize their full academic potential for scholarly achievement and success. We are located in the Guerrieri University Center on the second floor right above Fireside Lounge and the Gull's Nest in room 213A. It doesn't matter if you stay up late or wake up early, the Center for Student Achievement is the place to be! The director of the Center for Student Achievement, Dr. Heather Holmes knows what the CSA means to Salisbury students.

Heather Holmes: "The CSA means to me a place where students can come and receive academic support, they can just hang out in an academic environment and study or utilize our resources or talk to staff about what's going well or what's not going well."

The CSA has many helpful and vital academic services. We offer weekly study strategy workshops, tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction and more. Administrative assistant Susie West understands how important the center can be for students. Susie West: "Knowing that somebody is there in their corner that cares about them, that cares about their academic and personal well-being is also, I think, helpful to them." Dr. Holmes makes all the goals of the CSA a top priority to students. Holmes: "Our number one goal is to graduate students - graduate students, retain students from one semester to the next and help them to be successful." Don't wait until it's too late to come the Center for Student Achievement to reach your full academic potential and more. For more information visit our website at or just come stop by for a visit. Hope to see you soon!

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