Rommel Gift for Entrepreneurship

Dave and Patsy Rommel are mainstays in the business world of the Lower Eastern Shore and beyond. In 2017, they made a firm commitment to helping a new generation of entrepreneurs with a $5.5 million gift, benefiting SU’s new Center for Entrepreneurship and supporting other future activities of the campus and the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. With strong family ties to SU, they are pleased to support their hometown university.

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[00:00:00.72] - Patsy and I are thrilled to provide support for the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Perdue School of Business and Salisbury University as a whole.

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[00:00:09.86] Patsy and I decided to make a gift to the University Business School and the Center for Entrepreneurship for $5.5 million. When Patsy and I met, she was actually a student here. My mother graduated in the 1940s, became a schoolteacher. And I attended elementary school at the Campus School, which used to be the old Caruthers Hall, so it's a pretty comfortable feeling being able to support our hometown university.

[00:00:35.34] - The Center for Entrepreneurship will be located inside SU's Plaza Gallery building in downtown Salisbury, a facility which we've been committed to redeveloping. This is what you call, folks, a win-win-win, super win for the campus, the Perdue School of Business, the region, and the creative imaginations of all of our young people.

[00:00:59.97] DAVE ROMMEL: What we're hearing a lot is other business people and people in the community really believe this is going to be an impetus for additional interest to the university and possibly additional funding as well, both public and private. The Center for Entrepreneurship in downtown Salisbury clearly, by the way, is designed-- I think the students are going to have a different sort of experience, I think, when they're there. And I think that will be an experience that will really include both students as well as the business community [INAUDIBLE].

[00:01:32.46] With the [INAUDIBLE], the student competition, and then the Radcliffe Foundation, it really gave me an opportunity to get to know a lot of the staff and faculty at the Perdue School of Business, and I saw the amazing things that they were doing. The faculty really is intending to help the students progress here. And it was something that we felt we could make a difference in. It will garner the university some attention. And I think, you know, other entrepreneurs, whether students or not, I think, are going to take a look and see what's going on down in Salisibury and the Lower Shore. And I think any of that attention is all positive for the area. 

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