Academic Commons Green Roof

(note:  There is no audio)

The Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons boasts a number of green features, including a rooftop comprised of living vegetation.  The roof is planted with a variety of sedum, a drought hardy succulent.  The green roof provides a number of economic and ecological benefits.  Green roofs insulate the occupied space below, reducing the energy needed for interior climate control.  The roof also aids with storm water management.  The plants capture and filter rain water, which in turn reduces runoff and storm water surge entering the sewer system.  The roof sustains a variety of life, including beneficial insects and birds.  The University's resident honey bees can often be found foraging among the sedum blooms.

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A view of the front of the Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons transitions to video of workers installing the green roof.  The workers remove crates of sedum plants from a wagon, and arrange the crates onto the roof surface.  After acclimation, the plants have grown and bloomed.  An aerial view of the roof surface reveals lush green growth surrounding the building's roof top mechanical equipment.  Also visible from above are the bioswales created along the perimeter of the building.  A bee is seen foraging on the roof top sedum blooms.  Another aerial view from above shows the adjacent parking lot, situated below the lush greenery.  Pedestrians walk between the Academic Commons and Henson Hall, as a worker mows the Henson Hall lawn.

The video was created by Campus Sustainbility and Environmental Safety.


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